Google’s search results Now resemble your social media feed!

The firm says that on iOS and Android, it is abandoning standard pagination in favor of social media-style continuous scrolling in a recent blog post. 

According to Google, the continuous scrolling function is now being introduced to mobile users in the United States as a testing activity and will apply to most English language queries. TechRadar Pro has inquired about when the functionality will be accessible elsewhere, as well as whether it would be expanded to PC. 

The new scrolling search feature is going to fascinate users. Most users seldom go past the first page of Google search results but now things will be different. The firm claims that the new scrolling feature will allow its search engine to be utilized in new ways. 

Google stated that usually, people find what they are searching for in the first few results but sometimes they may want to keep digging for more relatable content. In fact, most users who are browsing for more information will go through up to four pages of search results. With the upcoming upgrade, consumers will be able to do this more easily by scrolling through a variety of results without having to click the ‘See more’ button at the bottom.” 

The new functionality, according to Google, will be particularly beneficial in situations where someone is asking broad, unspecific, open-ended inquiries. To put it in a more simple way Google tried to convey this through an example like if a user searches for “What can I do with pumpkin” is a generic question and each search result tackles the subject from a little different viewpoint. This new feature of scroll search benefits from the opportunity to scroll through a bigger volume of search results. 

The idea behind this new functionality is that the capacity to keep users’ attention for a long time with a social media-style scrolling mechanism would also help Google, opening up new possibilities for ad distribution and placement which accounts for about 80% of the company’s income. 

Google informed TechCrunch that it will modify the way text advertisements are dispersed across search results, maybe eliminating clustering at the top. However, it is unlikely that the way shopping and local advertisements are shown will alter. 

While the functionality will have no impact on search rankings. It may result in increased traffic to websites that have previously failed to reach the first page of results which is also beneficial for web development companies.